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Graphics Innovations and Satisfaction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Graphics Innovations and Satisfaction - Essay Example In most cases, satisfaction is obtained when one perceives a product or an issue to have value and to address their problems. This may not be attained using words, and calls for a more powerful tool that would influence people’s perceptions as required. Therefore, graphics are the best mode of passing information or changing the perception of people to bring about a feeling of satisfaction and value. Mora & Ledesma (2011, 2) argue that interactive dynamic graphics are an ideal way through which lecturers have used to pass information in multivariate data analysis especially to psychology students. The use of these graphics according to Mora & Ledesma provides insights into procedures that do not easily stem from the formulae. Dynamic graphics are especially more effective in presenting these ideas, and lead to more satisfaction among the audience. Since these multivariate data are difficult to express in words, observation of graphical dynamics offer a more informative way in which these concepts are derived. This leads to more satisfaction or the students are more informed through the graphic representation work. It would follow that, if graphics lead to more informed perception; advancement and innovation in the field of graphics would therefore lead to more informed perception in all angles of life as these would interact with the audience perception at the psychological level to present the required information. Therefore technological advancement would lead to more satisfaction among the audience, and has a great influence on the choices and perceptions that are made by the audience. Gray & Wilkins (2005, abstract) elaborate that a project carried out to investigate the use of a set of core tactile and large print diagrams with supporting materials for degree level psychology courses, revealed that when the pack was used in a class of 22 blind and virtually impaired psychology students, it proved to be a useful resource. An in-depth follow-up in psy chology books and curriculum therefore was carried out to enhance the use of a â€Å"psychology Core Graphics Resource Pack.† These were designed with the students and experts well involved in the process. The use of large graphics, core tactile and other images proved to be an important resource among the virtually impaired students, and this later lead to efforts in making these graphics and disseminating them in large scale to be used by the relevant schools. It was through the advancement of the previously used graphics that the classes were satisfied and able to learn effectively through improved graphics, which explains the importance of graphics in satisfaction. With more innovations and advancement in this field, the graphics would therefore lead to more satisfaction in meeting the learning objectives of the blind in general. The most revolutionary field that portrays the satisfaction that may result from innovations in graphics is the film industry. Parsons (2010, 60 ) explains the various ways in which computers are currently used to create amazing graphics in the film industry. The film industry has influenced the lives of many in the current world, and as Parsons elaborates, it is just the use of graphics that are well designed and integrated though highly innovative software. These can be done at the comfort of the seat by anyone as far as the software and the knowledge to create these graphics is available. The result

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Critical Review of Mothers and Children in Medieval Jewish History Essay

Critical Review of Mothers and Children in Medieval Jewish History - Essay Example One interesting aspect of the book was the fact that she gathered information from a very wide variety of sources and all of the texts were "written by and for men" (19). Baumgarten used the following sources for her research: "Halakhic response (questions asked of rabbis), exempla, information recorded in ritual books, comprehensive books of commandments, biblical and Talmic commentary, liturgical poetry, medical tractates, polemical compositions, lists of the dead and gravestones. He also used canon law, municipal records, medical texts, commentaries on the Bible (both the old and new testaments), legenda that gives information about the Jewish community and contacts between the Jews and Christians (p. 17). Her work also was heavily influenced by a book called the "Sefer Hasidim", which provided the information about parent and child relationships and attitudes towards children and family life" (19). The book is divided into five chapters and they are categorized by the issues that women dealt with: Birth, Circumcision and Baptism, Additional Birth Rituals, Maternal nursing and wet nursing: Feeding and caring of infants and Parents and Children: Conflicting values ("Contents"). These categories provided a way for the reader to compartmentalize the information so that it would not be so overwhelming. In the first chapter on birth, I found it appalling that women were left out of birth. They were supposed to have children (particularly male children) but the fathers were more important in the process as seen by several quotes from the firt quote opened chapter one and spoke about how it is a mans responsibility to pray for the child at every part of its birth. They leave out the womans part in the process (21). The second quote is attached to the "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and conquer it" (Gen. 1:28) (28). This suggests, according to the author, that men are in the position